Payment methods

Wire transfer:
You must deposit the amount corresponding to the total order in the bank account ES96 2103 0831 42 0030001387. Your sending will be expedited if we receive proof of the transfer to the email address info@superkote2000.es

Manufacturer's Warranty:
All our items have a two-year warranty for defects in their manufacture. If you detect any fault that is attributable to poor manufacturing or a deficiency in the materials with which it has been manufactured, please contact us immediately to solve your problem as soon as possible. SUPERKOTE reserves the right to decide whether the incident corresponds to a manufacturing defect or another cause.

Before returning any item, you must write to us at info@superkote2000.es, to have proof of the return. The deadline to return an item is 5 days from receipt of the same, being the transport costs on behalf of the customer. The payment of the price will be made once the receipt of the product and its integrity have been confirmed. Inside the return package, the number of the account where the payment must be attached. If the reason for the return is that the package has arrived in poor condition, you must write it on the delivery note, of which the courier takes a copy, just at the time of delivery of the package, it is very important and contact us to process the claim with the transport agency.

Possible Store Errors:

Orders containing products at 0 cost or similar errors that are easy to deduce from possible human or computer error will not be fulfilled.