In decades ago; AMERICAN FRICTION LUBE, distributing its range of high quality products SUPERKOTE 2000, has strived to offer timely service to customers around the world, through a close personal relationship between our customers and our distributors, with the support of a strong international group of professionals specialized in different business areas.

This is how SUPERKOTE2000 ESPAÑA was born, an ambitious project that as a first step becomes the official distributor of SUPERKOTE 2000 INTERNATIONAL CORP, a company founded in 1994. Some time ago, back in January 2012, we accepted the challenge here in Spain and Portugal to make and make this product as well known as it is both in the US and especially throughout South America. And that is what our job consists of, we want to get all the properties, benefits and advantages that SUPERKOTE2000 can offer to all our engines.

As an official distributor in Spain and Portugal, SUPERKOTE2000 SPAIN, is the only one authorized to sell this product, as well as all those entities that signing an agreement are authorized by the management of SUPERKOTE2000 ESPAÑA to be distribution delegations in the peninsula.


Friedrich Nietzsche said, that:

"He who has a reason to live can face all the 'cosmos'"

For SUPERKOTE2000 SPAIN there is an aspect that is very clear, the most important thing is OUR CUSTOMERS, they are "our reason to live", so we will be happy to face all the "hows" that you propose to us.

Our philosophy can be summarized as, IMPROVE, improve the quality of life of our engines and SAVE, save on fuel and INCREASE, increase the power of our engines.


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