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METAL Treatment 210 ml (Automotive format)




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This product is a state-of-the-art metal conditioning formula for high strength especially recommended for use in lubrication systems that require  special protection, in the presence of extreme pressures, high frictional temperatures and excessive wear.  It is transported to the metal  parts by the  lubricant and /or  grease in which it is added,  SUPERKOTE 2000 smoothes and seals metal surfaces reducing friction and heat.

As a result of this petrochemical process there is a drastic decrease in wear and a smoother operation of the mechanisms to which they are applied without the danger of accumulation in the metal walls and therefore without the alteration in critical tolerances.

SUPERKOTE 2000® Metal Treatment is not a lubricant or an additive: it does not modify the technical characteristics of lubricants. It consists mainly of complex agents compatible with mineral or synthetic lubricants, in new or mileage-heavy vehicles, diesel, gasoline or gas.

Unlike additives, SUPERKOTE 2000® METAL TREATMENT does not contain any solid ceramic, PTFE, molybdenum, silicon, graphite or metal. Therefore it does not void the manufacturer's warranties.

SUPERKOTE 2000 adheres to metal surfaces changing the polarity of metals According to Coulumb's law: "Different charges attract each other and equal charges repel each other."  drastically reducing friction, extending engine life, increasing force and compression. Reduces wear during cold ignition, reduces noise, temperature and more than 12% fuel consumption.

Rigorously approved by independent American laboratories recognized by the E.P.A. and employing A.S.T.M. (American Society of Test Methods) procedures Exceeds A.P.I. requirements. Does not contain Teflon, PTFE, molybdenum or graphite.


• Increases engine compression.

• Increases engine efficiency.

• Flexibility at low rpm.

• Increases lubrication.

• Helps lubricant quality.

• Increases the life of engines and machinery.


• Reduces noise.

• Applicable to manual & automatic transmission.

• Warranty for 80,000 km for cars.

• Applicable to diesel, gasoline, g.n.v. engines

• Decreases sludge formation.

• For 2 and 4-stroke engines.

• Reduces emissions & protects the environment

• Maintains the manufacturer's warranties.

• Decreases temperature.

• Reduces pollution -30%

• Reduces fuel consumption by up to -12%

• Lowers oil consumption -70%.

• Does not change the SAE viscosity range index of the lubricant (it is not an additive).

• Compatible with most synthetic or mineral lubricants.

• Reduces friction in motors by up to -90%

• It is not lost in oil changes.

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