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The injectors, which are responsible for injecting the fuel so that it mixes with the air and are located in the intake manifold, as we know, suffer wear due to use and accumulated dirt. They require, therefore, maintenance that prevents failure or replacement in the event that they have worn out a lot and no longer fulfill their function. The mission of the injectors is to induce a small amount of fuel and direct the jet so that the fuel is dispersed homogeneously throughout the combustion chamber, so that the engine receives the appropriate amount.

There are facts we should know in this matter:

  • The fuel of the vehicles is not pure, it usually carries residues that, over time, remain in the filters. If these are not cleaned with the appropriate frequency (every hundred thousand kilometers the first time, and every fifty thousand the following), the waste passes to the injectors, which, being covered, stop working and, in the long run, the engine fails.

  • Oil companies, especially large ones, such as Repsol, Petronor, Shell, add cleaning additives (anti-carbon and anti-varnish detergents) to all their fuels. Its objective is to remove the impurities that clog the tanks in tankers and pumps.

  • Companies that make the liter of fuel cheaper save on cleaning additives. In the long run, continued use of fuel without these liquids damages the injectors. If you want to save, it is better to alternate the use of cheaper fuel with another of better quality; Your car's engine will thank you.

  • The periodic check of the fuel filter is a preventive habit so you do not have to clean the injectors.

  • Poor driving damages the car's engine; Accelerating when starting, heating the car cold, etc. are unhealthy habits for our vehicle because they generate excessive deposits of coal.

Tips for use

1. Fill the vehicle's fuel tank completely (this is important to the extent that an excess of cleaning fluid can affect the engine and cause the car to go wrong or stop).
2. Pour a whole bottle of injector cleaner into the reservoir.
3. Drive your car normally and do not replenish fuel until the tank is in reserve or nearly empty. This measure ensures that an optimal mixture is obtained; loading fuel ahead of time alters the proportion of the mixture and does not clean the injectors well; In addition, as the tank is emptied of fuel, the injector cleaner will also be able to clean the deposits left at the bottom.



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Cleaner FUHRER 319 - Diesel Injection

Cleaner FUHRER 319 - Diesel Injection


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